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​A TV History and TV Trivia encyclopaedia & game

(The Lone Ranger in 1947 to The Big Bang Theory in 2017)

A must have for anyone who has ever watched Television or had a favourite TV Star or TV Show.

Features include:
Longest running TV Shows
Who Am I? TV Star Bios
Highest paid TV Stars (1960 – 2016)
TV Shows & Stars Trivia Q & As
Dead or Alive TV Star Challenge
Guess the Age of favourite TV Stars this year
Guess what your TV Stars are paid today!
Guess what your TV Stars were paid!

 Match the TV Shows to their –
Family Pet
Favourite Hangout
Setting (Town/Country/State)
Debut year

 Match the TV Stars to their –
TV co-stars
Previous TV Shows and Characters
Real Age this year

 Match the TV Superheroes & Cartoons to their –
Famous sidekick
Secret Identity
Mode of transport (Horse/Car etc)

   TV Mania will be consistently updated with new features and games as well as both new

and classic TV shows. 

( running more than 2 seasons – with the exception of Fawlty Towers with only 12 episodes). 

And if you love your televsion shows both past & present, we have also put together a television game app. 


                         TV Mania cover 3 separate eras - 60s & 70s - 80s & 90s plus 2000 to 2015.


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